SLBC is in the midst of a building project. If you have been to camp in the last few years you know that it is time that we replace our current dining hall and kitchen. Plans have been made and drawings completed. If you are interested in seeing drawings and plans for the new building please click here.  The Estimated Cost of our Building is around $699,000. This seems like a huge amount of money, however when shared among all the many people who love and support the camp the load becomes lighter. We have already raised $469,000 and counting. Each square on the floor plan represents $1000 dollars. For more information regarding fundraising click here. If you are interesting partnering with us and helping us turn the entire floor plan green please click on the donate button below. 


Sturgeon Lake Bible Camp is committed to providing kids with an awesome week at camp. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to hear the good news of Jesus Christ, feel loved, and have a lot of fun. We would not be able to do this without the countless people who generously donate year after year. With credit to our donors we are able to offer campers a week at SLBC for a fraction of the actual cost. If you would like to donate to Sturgeon Lake Bible Camp’s general fund please donate here. 

           2 Timothy 2:15