2 Timothy 2:15 

You can start memorizing right now and you have until June 15th to say your verses to an approved listener.


If you participated in the Lamplighters program last year you are allowed to review 50% of verses you memorized last year and must memorize 50% verses you have not memorized for lamplighters previously. 

For the list of Bible verses to choose from Click Here

For a list of approved listeners Click Here

If you have any questions feel free to Contact Us

Would you like to "Memorize" your way to camp this year? 

We are offering a free week at camp for you or a friend!

Here is how it works: 

1. Memorize the set number of Bible Verses from the approved list as required for your camp. 

2. Recite them to an approved listener before June 15th 2018. 

3. Go to CAMP for free!!!


It is that easy!

The required verses for each camp are: 

Squirt - 30 Verses

Primary - 40 Verses

Junior - 50 Verses

Intermediate - 50 Verses

Las Chance - 50 Verses

Teen - 70 Verses 


Sturgeon Lake Bible Camp Memory Program