2 Timothy 2:15 

Q. What time should i pick up and drop off my child?
A. 7:00PM on the day camp starts drop off and 7:00PM the day camp ends.
(Except Fall Retreat)

Q. What type of footwear will my child need?
A. They will need running shoes for games. They will also probably want
sandals or flip flops for swimming and free time and rubber boots for the
rare torrential ​downpours!

Q. What are the sleeping accommodations and what does my
child need to bring?
A. The cabins provided have bunk beds but do NOT have mattresses.
They will need to bring something soft to sleep on, as well as a
sleeping bag and pillow.

Q. My child wants to bring his phone or iPod along, is this ok?
A. At SLBC we have a strict no electronics rule. We ask that they would leave all electronic devices at home as we find that they are a distraction. ​If you need to be able to be in contact with your child you are welcome to phone the camp at (780) 524-3198 and ask to speak to your child.

Q. My daughter only has a bikini what should we do?
A. Because of our modesty standards at SLBC we ask that you provide your daughter with either a dark coloured T-shirt (to wear over top) or a different bathing suit.

Q. My child has allergies what do I do?
A. As a camp we try to work with your child’s allergies as much as possible please contact us in advance and we can discuss how to ensure your child has great food at camp.

Q. We need to pick up our child early or would like to drop them off later, is this possible? Is there a discounted rate for this?
A. Yes! Please contact us in advance so that we know that they are coming or so that they can have their stuff packed up when you arrive. Unfortunately each camp has a set rate and no discounts are offered if your child misses portions of it.

Q. What happens if my child gets homesick?
A. When working with kids who are away from home homesickness is definitely a reality that hits a few campers every year. Our staff will do our best to comfort your child and help them to get through the normal one to two days that the homesickness lasts. If your child is really having a difficult we will contact you as the parent and ask how you would like to proceed.

Q. Are there any extra fees I need to know about?
A. The only extra fee is $20 if your child wants to go paintballing during teen camp. Everything else is included in your registration fee. Canteen/tuck and a T-shirt are provided for your camper with registration.

Q. What type of content will be taught at your camp?
A. SLBC will teach the Bible and Christian principles. While we mainly stay away from finer points of doctrine and aim to be nondenominational in nature we hold to a conservative evangelical view. 

FRequently Asked QUestions