2 Timothy 2:15 

If you feel that this is where God is calling you to serve this summer you will need to have the following completed. 

  1. Staff Application Form 
  2. Friend Reference Form 
  3. Pastoral Reference Form
  4. Signed Criminal Record Check (Please contact a Board Member or the Director to obtain a signed request form)
  5. Bursary applications (if applicable) 
  6. Provide a Picture for Prayer Cards

Being a Staff at SLBC is an amazing and rewarding experience. While no former staff will ever tell you that being staff is easy and carefree, it is worth it! Staffing will stretch you and cause you to a grow regardless of whether you are a 40 year veteran of the faith or a youth that wants to be discipled. While there is a definite challenge and sacrifice to be being a staff, there is the amazing reward of seeing kids experience the love of Christ in a tangible sense. There is also the incredible sense of being part of the camp family. This "family" last far beyond the 2 months of summer and can turn into lifelong relationships.

Camp is a place that has a spot for everyone of every skill set and strength and functions best when each part is playing its role. Come out and join us and experience the joy of seeing the Body of Christ in action.

We would encourage you to think and pray about whether or not God wants you at SLBC this summer.